Level 3 Counselling Studies  Commences 3rd/7th/9th October 2019

Entry requirements

You must have undertaken counselling skills training, such as our Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills or equivalent.  Level 3 Counselling Studies is intended for candidates who want to take the next step in training to become a counsellor (having already acquired counselling skills) and learn more about counselling theory and agency work. 

As well as deepening the skills you learned on Level 2, you will be introduced a number of different theoretical approaches to counselling and learn about working with counselling agencies. As part of this qualification you can volunteer to work for an agency in a non-counselling capacity.

Level 3 Counselling Studies is a robust and ethical course, led by professional psychotherapist facilitators who will encourage and support participants to continue to examine and develop their personal awareness while also building an awareness of the historical richness and breadth of psychotherapeutic theory. All applicants must  fill in an application form and attend an interview with a member of the tutor team. If you have any questions, please ring the Banbury Therapy Centre on 01295 231320.

Level 3 Counselling Studies

Term will start 3rd/7th/9th October 2019. Three courses will run in parallel:

Monday afternoon 13.30pm - 17.30pm

Tuesday evening 17.30pm - 21.30pm

Thursday morning 9.30am - 13.30pm

please state clearly on your application form which group you wish to be considered for.

The academic year will be structured in three terms with Christmas, Easter and Half Term breaks following the Oxfordshire school calendar as much as possible.

120 Face to face teaching hours:
Minimum age: 21 years
Progression: Successful students may progress onto the Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling.  The unit credit can also be used towards other relevant qualifications on the QCF
Qualification Structure: 1 mandatory unit: A/503/9737 Developing Understanding of Counselling
For more information please refer to the CPCAB website course information.

Fee £1055   

Affordable payment plans are available. Please contact reception on 01295 231320 or email info@banburytherapygroup.com

If you are interested in applying for this course, download an application form here or contact reception (phone 01295231320, jo@banburytherapygroup.com) requesting that they send you an application form and return it to:

Jo Collins Administrator

The Banbury Therapy Centre

69 Oxford Road


OX16 9AJ

Some Level 3 students wrote these poems to describe their experience:

Remember when we started
When our two groups came together
Thirteen different people
Who will share this journey forever

It was the beginning
Of nine months of learning
There was PCC, there was empathy
There was UPR and congruence

Granddaddies Freud and Jung
Followed by existentialist Yalom
Then Gestalt (Rachel's fave)
The awareness cycle what a wave

Deflections, projections, and introjections
Who could forget retroflections?
Nicky taught us CBT
A quick fix but will it stick?

TA almost slipped us by
(Till Lou caught Rachel's eye)
Parent, adult and the child
Play out drama triangles all the while

In the middle triads changed
Agency visits were arranged
Criteria confusion reigned
Journal writing, repetitive strain

Self-analysis what a pain
I wish that I was blank again
Self awareness led to learning
I want more its left me yearning

Tears and fears laughter and fun
A roller coaster year for everyone
Check in, check out would set the tone
Whether triads or group we were never alone

The ending is upon us now
Portfolio stress abounds
Exam is done and fingers crossed
Retakes at no extra cost (not)

All jokes aside what a year
Level 3 we hold you dear
Thank you Rachel for your care
At graduation, let's celebrate with lots of flare

By Trisha, Jane, Charlotta and Karen

Learning to Listen, Listening to Learn

I wanted to learn to listen but I had to listen to learn

I wanted to listen to learn but I had your trust to earn

I wanted to earn your trust but I had to take my time

I wanted to take your time but I had to follow your line

I wanted to follow your line but I had to give you space

I wanted to give you space but I had to find your place.

I saw you touch your heart, clasp your hands, look up high

I watched you rub your leg, lift your feet, wipe your eye

I noticed that you held your wrist, made a circle with your arms,

I recognised an offering in your open palms.

My gaze was on your clenching jaw and your hand across your lips

And I espied you gain some comfort shifting slightly on your hips.

I felt my heart rate quicken as you relayed harsh words

A smile crept to my lips when some kindness was recurred

My shoulders leapt up to my ears when you spoke about your fear

And when you shared your sadness I felt the beginning of a tear

I unclasped my own hands as you let me know your breath was slowing

And I seemed to sit up taller when your feelings started flowing.

I saw you hold your breath, finding words so hard to reach

I held the space in a silence I did not need to breech

I entertained confusion, and watched you in your erring

Reflected back a single word, so poignant, reoccurring

I told you what the word meant to me and you registered my feeling

And I awaited your reaction as you gazed up at the ceiling.

You leant forward as you spoke and I also drew near

I pondered, what made you feel worthwhile? What did you hold dear?

For a minute, you had to stop and I asked you, ‘what’s so hard?’

And you explained that for so long speaking that way had been barred

I wondered how it felt right now, you had to stop and think

Then you slowly put some words to it and for a time you didn’t blink.

I felt the sanctity of meeting and the need to draw a boundary

To encompass us in safety and enable you profoundly

There’s some magic here that will not return if I take it elsewhere

And every word you utter is a word I will not share.

Here we are creating a space that I promise I will hold

And all the spoken stories you entrust will not be sold.

I felt a judgement rising, noted it, let it go

You held a mirror to my prejudice and I saw its brightness go

I looked inside as I’d asked you to and found some courage of my own

To look at length at my beliefs and because of this I’ve grown.

As you explored I explored, as you softened so did I

And as we reached together for a moment we met eye-to-eye.

Rachael Jackson

My Passing Jewels

Some of us came as strangers and some not.  We learned together not knowing what the year may bring .

Check-ins came and check-ins went; was such a joy the way the day was spent

So many have come and so many have gone but rare are you my passing jewels

We are not just a memory alone we are that jewel that will brightly shine, and oh how I can say it's truly mine!.

Triads we practiced and triads we listened, how some smiled and some of us cried

What amazed me most was how we blossomed our own style Nothing wrong with that because that is truly fine

So many have come and so many have gone but rare are you my passing jewels.I say goodbye to some who will truly be gone

My name is Shamim and it means fragrance forever.  In your hearts may it linger on

So many have come and so many have gone but rare are you my passing jewels

Not to forget Sue our teacher, so gentle and caring.  Making it unique in our learning how she is full of grace and style always wearing a warm smile

So many have come and so many have gone but rare are you my passing jewels.

Never seen but always there like a fragrance in the air Shamim your friend - 21st June 2017