Our Values

The Banbury Therapy Centre offers universal access to therapy which we promote as a positive and life affirming part of general health and wellbeing. We take care to make the environment welcoming, safe and energising. We champion autonomy, choice and respect for all who come through our doors, and we are proud of our community of therapists, any of whom we would wholeheartedly recommend to a loved one.

Our Directors and Trustees

The Banbury Therapy Centre is a limited company founded by our 2 directors, Rachel Young and Gareth Chick, We are very fortunate to be guided by our trustees who give their time and expertise to ensure that the business is run along ethical and sustainable lines.

Alan Burkinshaw  and Andy Birtwell are highly respected and talented individuals in their fields.  Andy is a psychotherapist and businessman and so can advise on all aspects of our business.  Nicky is a lawyer and mediator with a particular interest in collaborative law, and Alan Burkinshaw, who was the manager of Relate Oxfordshire for many years has a great deal of experience of negotiating the sometimes ethically difficult tightrope of delivering a therapeutic service in a commercial environment.

Our Staff


Beverley Charman - Centre Manager

Beverley is at the heart of our organisation and is an inclusive and supportive manager.  Her passion is to provide people with opportunites for self development.  She cares for the staff, therapists and clients alike by creating a safe and efficient workplace for all.  She is proud of the Centre and takes every opportunity to tell the world about this wonderful community resource.

Jo Collins - Assessment Counsellor and Receptionist


Jo epitomises the calm and welcoming face of The Banbury Therapy Centre.  She immediately reassures anyone who comes through the door feeling a little anxious or out of sorts.  As well as her receptionist duties, Jo provides the free assessment and referral service to clients. Her counselling skills and attention to detail make her the ideal first port of call in your counselling journey.


Lucy Smith - Business Development Manager

Lucy joined the team in June 2019 to oversee the clinical management of the Centre and to develop new lines of counselling and psychotherapy work. As a fully qualified psychotherapist and supervisor, Lucy has the clinical understanding to support the professional needs of our therapists. In her role, Lucy ensures that all our therapists are correctly supported with appropriate supervision and Continuous Professional Development. She is also hard at work researching new areas that the Centre can move into to provide psychological services to the community.

Lynda Peters -Senior Administrator and Receptionist

Lynda looks after all aspects of the day to day running of the centre providing support for the management team, therapists and workshop delivery.  She also has green fingers and carefully nurtures the plants in the house and garden.  In summer she puts on a fabulous display!