Low Cost Counselling

Student Counsellors

The training to be a counsellor and psychotherapist takes place over a minimum of 4 years.  During that time trainees undergo rigorous and closely supervised skills practice.  During the final two years of the training, the student will accumulate 120 hours of face to face counselling wtih clients while in an agency placement.  The students here at the Banbury Therapy Centre are undergoing this final training.  Clients who see the the student counsellor will first be assessed by a qualified therapist to ensure that they will have a productive experience with the student. There is no charge for the therapy, but a fee for the hire of the room is payable which is £10.00 per session.  If you are interested in seeing a student counsellor, please contact reception on 01295 231320 or email info@banburytherapycentre.com.

Bursary Fund

For people on low incomes there is the option to apply to the Bursary Fund.  This is a fund made up of donations from the General Public who wish to support our service.  If you are eligible for the fund, you may get up to £150 towards your therapy.  Simply ask your therapist or a member of the reception team for an application form.  If you wish to make a donation to the fund please click the Paypal Donate button.  A Paypal account is not necessary.  Alternatively you can donate in person at reception or over the phone on 01295 231320.